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A little bit of history.. Pointing to the future..

We hosted our first public VIP Launch Party on the 2nd February 2002 in London, UK, with hundreds of the most creative entrepreneurs, our friends, our partners and VIP influencers attending. The event was a great success and went so well that we were asked to host more, and since then we have hosted our VIP Launch Parties all over the world, from small intimate celebrations to partnering with some of the largest events in the world.

We have a policy of being open to anyone… however our events are for members only, which means that we know all of our amazing members and VIPs and can help share with them those things we think are most going to leave them delighted, repeating and wanting more.

Each party is unique.. and each time we learn more.

We’ve helped launch books, relationships, companies, funds, ventures and charities.

We’re really excited about the future, and hope you choose to celebrate with us and help be a part of the next success stories.

It’s Quality not Quantity That Counts™

Sometimes all it takes is access and the right relationship with the right person at the right time in the right way.